My first startup build together with my friends from PMArt (Scientific Association at Warsaw University of Technology uniting students interested in Project Management). It’s news portal designed like very popular gags sites ( or The idea was to use this comfortable for content consumption concept for presenting news. We wanted to include only facts without subjective assessments or speculations. We spent lot of hours discussing major mistakes made by today’s media and agreed that the greater part of article was not valuable and gave nothing to the reader. We decided to change it and create portal with very clear, single-column layout, short articles divided into 6 categories (Poland, World, Economics, Law, Sport and Others), no adverts in exchange for a small subscription fee.

In this project I was responsible for both Android application and writing news. Generally we wanted to start as soon as possible, so when portal was ready we started delivering content – writing news by ourself. Probably it was our mistake, beacouse we had no time left to gain users. Most of us were still working full-time, so we worked for at nights. It was more and more difficult to separate private life and finally we were forced to finish first pivot. Although we promised to get back to the idea our team disbanded..



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