MyWheels is a system for cars monitoring. Thanks to mobile application (currently only Android) it can diagnose user vehicles and gather specific data, like fuel consumption, RPMs or engine temperature. For these purposes it uses OBDII standard available in all cars since 2001. MyWheels tracks all user rides and lets him review them in mobile app or web portal. There are plenty of detailed charts and map with route from start to end. What is more the system is also log of spendings for car – both refuelings and service costs.


MyWheels is my own project – I’m co-founder of this startup and strongly believe that it soon succeed. It’s commercial realization of my long-term interest in OBDII standard and I put a lot of effort to this project. I’m responsible for Android application, I designed and created databases and prepared first version of web API with all functionality. Most of the system logic, from fuel consumption calculation (based on both OBDII and user refuelings) to resolving ride start and end address is also written by me. The application is available in Google Play store.




Android application

Google Play

Techniques (Android): BluetoothAdapter, Volley + OkHttp, MPAndroidChart, Google Cloud Messaging, Stetho, SQLite + ORMLite, Gson, Facebook Login, Google Sign-Up
Techniques (.NET): ASP.NET Web Forms, Entity Framework + MSSQL
Tools: Git, Bitbucket, Trello, Fabric, Slack


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