Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is an app that lets group of people to record videos with birthday (or any other event) wishes and merge them into one video compilation. When you record your part of wishes you can add AR effects like masks, caps, filters and animations. This is possible thanks to face tracking technology. You can invite other friends to participate in creation of wishes, watch and rate other videos and many more.

This was one of the projects that had given me much satisfaction and development had been pure pleasure. AR/VR technologies are future of mobile and I was very glad to build this application. Unfortunatelly, project is now frozen due to business problems. I was responsible for technical part of the project – I managed both Android and backend teams and helped mobile team in development, too. There were many challanges, from AR part, to videos compilations, to design changes the week before demo. Below you can find some screens from the app.

Techniques: Clean Architecture, RxJava, DataBinding, Retrofit, Dagger, DeepAR, Encoding.com (video comilation).
Tools: Git (GitFlow), Bitbucket, Trello, Blueprint, Postman


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